On-Premise Release Notes for Label Studio Enterprise


The release notes for Label Studio Community Edition is available on the Label Studio GitHub repository.


The release notes for Label Studio Enterprise Cloud (SaaS) is available here.

New helm chart

A common chart for LS and LSE has been released and is available since LSE version 2.3.x. The chart can be accessed at the following repository: https://github.com/heartexlabs/charts/tree/master/heartex/label-studio.

Migration Process

The migration process can be performed without any downtime. The steps required to carry out the migration are documented in the migration guide, available at: https://github.com/heartexlabs/charts/blob/master/heartex/label-studio/FAQs.md#label-studio-enterprise-upgrade-from-decommissioned-label-studio-enterprise-helm-chart.

Deprecation of the Old Chart

The old chart heartex/label-studio-enterprise has been deprecated. Support for as many releases as possible will be provided. A notification will be posted in the Release Notes section when this changes. We hope that this revised chart will meet your technical needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

May 18, 2023

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.7

New Feature

  • Update content when users don’t have any projects created yet


  • UI changes to support async export conversion.

Bug Fixes

  • Validate email domains for trial signups only
  • Limit export number for api/project/id/exports for better performance
  • CSV and TSV exports work incorrectly with JSONs and tab/commas/others symbols in labeling
  • Fixed an issue with null appearing while using video config
  • Conversion of project exports are now async

Apr 27, 2023

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.6


  • Show DM actions to reviewers (works only with feature flag, contact your customer success manager to have it enabled)
  • Annotation instructions are a modal instead of a top bar
  • Allow to use list of emails in Members Invitation dialog
  • AnnotationHistory should be removable via API

Bug Fixes

  • No review object in review webhook payload
  • Properly handle missing keywords: reviewed
  • Hidden video regions do not move when adding new visible regions above
  • Scroll to image regions if needed, but don’t scroll unnecessarily (UX improved)

May 09, 2023

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.6-1

Bug Fix

  • Fixes an issue with using local file upload with cloud storage urls causing errors.

Apr 10, 2023

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.5


  • Performance optimization for api/projects with task number
  • Storage link resolver in nested task data fields

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where filtering by empty or not empty in annotation results and prediction results would not work
  • Start, end and offset of paragraph selection should not include empty or newline
  • Fixed an issue with regrouping regions after annotations switching
  • Opening video in tasks should not trigger a CORS issue in HEAD response
  • Can’t patch tasks when task data has a taxonomy null-values
  • Fix error on duplicating Project with external storage when it wasn’t synced
  • Improved filetype playable detection for video sources
  • Proper unhandled exceptions processing in *_from_request functions. Activity log middleware fix for project id. Warning: Some of 500 errors about validation are 400 errors now.
  • CORS errors on valid audio files occur sometimes when accessed in succession
  • Fix Video Rectangles to display while drawing
  • Fixed import several tasks from one csv file

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.4

New Feature

  • New parameter skipDuplicates of TextArea allows to keep submissions unique. LSDV-4659


  • Audio v3 webaudio alternative decoder option LSDV-4701
  • s3 custom endpoint support for persistent storage LSDV-4677
  • Table tag ordering items alphabetically LSDV-4613

Bug Fixes

  • Fix DM columns visual problems LSDV-4720

  • Fix column sizes on datamanager LSDV-4651

  • Hiding an audio region allows selection of regions below. LSDV-4542

  • Fix Intersection over 1d timeseries spans agreement calculation for Time series LSDV-4665

  • Fixes playback micro-stutters for Video Timeline Segmentation. LSDV-4706

  • Add error handlers like it is for AudioV1 LSDV-1023

  • Don’t let ghost regions be created LSDV-4592

  • AttributeError: ‘GCSExportStorage’ object has no attribute ‘links_count’ LSDV-4547

  • Disable file proxy for cloud using FILE_PROXY_ENABLED environment variable LSDV-4619

  • Audio playback and playhead remain in sync. LSDV-4572

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.3


  • Support simultaneous render of multi-channel audio with added splitchannels=”true” option on Audio config (larger memory requirement) LSDV-3028
  • Allow selecting task automatically on Data Manager page whenever the user presses shift+up/down LSDV-3093
  • Restore locked annotations LSDV-3062
  • Navigation back to previous tasks in labeling stream is now persistent against page reloads and user labeling sessions LSDV-3936
  • Add sync update of is_labeled field LSDV-2981
  • Improved responsiveness for image regions selection LSDV-3871

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with presigned TTL setting in cloud storage connection being not persistent LSDV-2836
  • Slider follows the positional seeker in video when using the step forward or backward buttons. LSDV-983
  • Now it is possible to retrieve the list of uploaded files with api/projects/<project-id>/file-uploads&all=true request LSDV-4614
  • Improved performance for projects page and annotation-related API LSDV-961
  • Setting - Quality - Custom weights: UI too limited LSDV-4535
  • Wrong xpath in annotation result (remove FF) LSDV-1376
  • Fixed an issue with missed step of setting password for invited users LSDV-1530
  • AnnotationReview stats are calculated in 2 separate jobs LSDV-4632
  • Task data with dicts in array are incorrectly resolved LSDV-4621
  • Fixed authorization check for roles change LSDV-3856
  • Prevent persistent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Activity Log LSDV-3855
  • Fixed issue with saving empty drafts LSDV-3009
  • Unclear error about unknown tag LSDV-2556
  • Migration for fixing organization id in activity logs LSDV-4629
  • The first Audio V3 region created is not added to the undo stack LSDV-1138

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.2

New Feature

  • Labels are not displayed inside the regions LSDV-1142
  • Add YOLO support for PolygonLabels in export options LSDV-2973


  • Backend: Update invite url to send user to new password page LSDV-3029
  • Postpone button is disabled if there is no new comments on label steam LSDV-2976
  • Rendering performance improvements for large-duration audio LSDV-3082
  • Variable frame rate for videos using frameRate=”$fps” doesn’t work LSDV-3036
  • Display correct docs links in LSE/LS LSDV-2999

Bug fixes

  • User can resize bbox as he wants if ImageView is zoomed. LSDV-1066
  • Fixed issue with keeping zoom position on resize of working area LSDV-967
  • Fix appearance of all the connected labels to region in Details view LSDV-1050
  • Text and HyperText elements can be added without value and name LSDV-1037
  • Datetime annotation produces empty payload for the value: {} LSDV-1015
  • Page breaks on completing audio Annotation (when using large audio files in a ParagraphLabels project) LSDV-2191
  • In data manager UI, the moving and resize are mixed, resize is not usable LSDV-1083
  • Postpone mode reverts task back and forces user to create 10 annotations in a row LSDV-1044
  • Quick View breaks when navigating between annotations LSDV-1098
  • Video zoom doesn’t follow the cursor pointer location LSDV-1298
  • Task locks missed in postponed / skipped queue LSDV-960
  • Taxonomy titles clash (reappearing bug) LSDV-1056
  • Administrator can’t be removed from project members LSDV-1167
  • Four digits added at the end of image file_name in outputted COCO jsons LSDV-1311
  • Optimize memory and speed during exports LSDV-1010
  • maxUsages for KeyPointLabels and RectangleLabels doesn’t work LSDV-1322
  • Fixed an issue with backspace hotkey in Audio LSDV-1148
  • Import jobs are submitted twice (or more) times LSDV-992
  • Details section layout is broken when long named labels are used LSDV-1038
  • Second click on label unselects it and creates ‘No label’ LSDV-3004
  • Fix missing tasks in Data Manager upon upload LSDV-1058
  • Region is selected when user drag the region LSDV-1140
  • Saving model version on Machine Learning settings doesn’t work LSDV-966

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.1

New features and enhancements

  • Add project annotation history API [DEV-4170]
  • Improve logging [SRE-388]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix anonymize annotators while reviewing [DEV-2917]
  • Unrelated organizations can view Roles from another organizations [DEV-3622]
  • Remove unused task lock ttl settings [DEV-4091]
  • Fixed issue with displaying history in review after View All [DEV-3782]
  • Readonly regions should always be selectable. [DEV-3644]
  • Fix agreement calculation for Taxonomy with custom labels [DEV-2796]
  • Restrict tabs deletion for reviewers [DEV-3810]
  • Fixed issue with hotkeys of dynamic children [DEV-3888]
  • Add validation for required toName parameter on TextArea [DEV-3577]
  • Fix project cloning with cloud storages tasks [DEV-2985]
  • Add filters by columns, datetime range filter and ordering to activity log [DEV-1395]
  • Add project annotation history API [DEV-4170]
  • Logs error: AttributeError: ‘Task’ object has no attribute ‘get_lock_ttl’ [DEV-4175]
  • Enable player head time input and change the way that it was working [DEV-3941]
  • Switch level of next task log messages [DEV-4185]
  • Fix log message [SRE-397]
  • Fix layout in Preview for small content configs panels now are pinned to the bottom [DEV-3919]
  • Prevent annotations duplicating in Label Stream [DEV-4090]
  • Fix status code for not found task to 404 in tasks API [DEV-4074]
  • Text and HyperText elements should have value and name properties [DEV-4114]
  • Fixed issues in following cursor pointer during video zooming [DEV-3694]
  • Task locks in postponed/skipped queue [DEV-4202]
  • Prevent annotation duplicates when ‘Re-queue skipped tasks back to the annotator’ parameter is selected [DEV-4228]
  • Add Google project ID to Source/Target GCS form [DEV-4058]

Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.0

This section highlights the new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.4.

New features and enhancements

  • The Comments and Notifications feature allows you to discuss task issues and other problems during labeling and reviewing processes.
  • The new Audio Player feature provides a new configurable UI that improves the audio labeling efficiency and usability [DEV-2715].
  • Add updated_at field to comments API [DEV-3715].
  • Cancel old import jobs when a new one is created [DEV-2075].
  • Support for numpad hotkeys (letter/number keys and keyboard shortcuts) that allows you to label or classify the materials faster in productivity/metrics [DEV-3638].
  • Support for environment files from Vault ca-injector [SRE-380].

Bug Fixes

  • Accept/Reject action does not update updated_by field of task [DEV-3259].
  • Fixed the terms of service link on sign up page [DEV-3726].
  • Fixed an issue where the notification about annotator’s comment in draft was not sent to anyone [DEV-3339].
  • Show/hide toggle on the Outliner worked with all region types [DEV-3742].
  • Used Hotkey for label assignment to selected regions (rectanglelabels, polygonlabels,keypoints, brushes, audio, timeseries, text, html, paragraph, and so on) [DEV-3672].
  • Added boundaries that limited the working area for video regions [DEV-3350].
  • Fixed an issue where CSV exports incorrectly serialized complex data types [DEV-3578].
  • Fixed the Show labels inside the regions option to work in the video template [DEV-1852].
  • Fixed import tasks data validation for nested fields with repeater [DEV-3744].
  • Fixed an issue when clicking the Update button in Label Stream lead the annotator to the next task [DEV-3773].
  • Comments were associated with the current draft even when the draft was in pending save state [DEV-3733].
  • Comment edited session state was displayed accurately in the updated form. (For example, Updated 10 minutes ago)[DEV-3692].
  • Fixed an issue with the Review stream performance optimization [DEV-3668].
  • Fixed errors on task switching after notification link [DEV-3802].
  • Fixed an issue where the lack of network connection caused infinite loop of requests [DEV-3780].
  • Resolved an issue for read-only file system (FS) [SRE-348].
  • Fixed an issue where the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) persistent storage was broken [SRE-351].
  • Fixed the issue with spam requests [DEV-3874].
  • Avoided the creation of pg_trgm in Postgres if it existed [DEV-3839].
  • Fixed review stream tasks ordering [DEV-3821].
  • Informed users about invalidated control tag names when there was a mismatch between labels in configuration and labels in data [DEV-3779].
  • Fixed CSV export when a few rows did not have the column values [DEV-3764].
  • Unfinished regions were easily detected using the sidebar or outliner so they were completed before the task was submitted [DEV-3693].
  • Changed color when a user changed the label [DEV-3490].
  • Removed MEDIA_URL from the uploaded file path [SRE-330].
  • Improved the initialization of annotation configurations to reduce the memory used by complex cases such as the Repeater tag [DEV-3754].
  • Set the numbering of the first frame of the video timeline to be consistent [DEV-2706].
  • Fixed page crashes with enabled Interactive View All mode for review [DEV-3867].
  • Added a fix for read-only file structure (FS) [SRE-348].
  • GCS persistent storage was broken [SRE-351].
  • Fixed the issue with data corruption using region manual editing through the Details panel [DEV-3835].
  • Fixed the issue with spam requests [DEV-3874].
  • Failed export in CSV: UnicodeEncodeError: ASCII codec failed to encode character [DEV-3852].
  • Fixed update_tasks_counters call with DM filters [DEV-3814].
  • Review statistics on the dashboard were correct when the feedback loop was enabled, and the reviewing options for the Reviewed counter on Dashboard were counted [DEV-3689].
  • Fixed dashboard-members API with “action=updated” for annotation review [DEV-3789].
  • Improved project duplication speed [DEV-2869].
  • Admin users were not able to access the project activity logs [DEV-3240].
  • Resolved a visual bug affecting overflowing text that passed the sidebar on the right [DEV-3901].
  • Fixed annotation disappears on undo [DEV-2113].
  • Fixed the showSubmitButton="false" to work correctly [DEV-3892].
  • Removed WASD (W, A, S, and D represent up, left, down, and right) shortcuts from DM navigation [DEV-3958].
  • Avoided the creation of pg_trgm in Postgres if it already existed [DEV-3839].
  • Added test coverage for new project template functionality [DEV-3717].
  • Users were able to pan images if an annotation history item was selected [DEV-3719].
  • Correctly undo actions over the fresh loaded draft with audio [DEV-3917].
  • Fixed label configuration validation for several Choices tags in a single view [DEV-4035].
  • Allowed clearing DateTime values [DEV-3904].
  • Exported consistency check [DEV-4021].
  • Fixed an issue where the Outliner grouping changed when the task annotations were changed [DEV-3664].
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to change the S3 session token once set. [DEV-1101]
  • Filtered with the specific annotator worked very slowly [DEV-3865].
  • Added validation for project name length in duplicate dialog [DEV-3813].
  • Disabled task counter in Label or Review stream [DEV-3734].
  • Downloaded storage empty path [DEV-4039].
  • Fixed the broken Review stream on the second task using Audio v3 [DEV-3933].
  • SSO failed to work with capitalized emails. Use this environment variable to enable autofix: ALLOW_FIX_LOWERCASE_USER=true [DEV-3988].
  • Removed duplicated PDF template [DEV-4094].
  • Supported copying regions in the Outliner [DEV-3646].
  • Fixed an issue with undoing closed polygons by Hotkey [DEV-3896].
  • Time Series truncate signal and triangle marks disappeared [DEV-3748].
  • SCIM was broken and always returned a logout page [DEV-4000].
  • Filtering failed to work for Annotation results [DEV-4060].
  • Returned 400 bad requests on incorrect XML [DEV-3812].

Label Studio Enterprise 2.3.1

This section highlights the breaking changes, new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.3.1.

Breaking changes

Label Studio Enterprise 2.3.1 includes the following breaking change:

  • This release moves Nginx to a sidecar container [DEV-3318].
  • After the announcement in LSE 2.2.9, Minio was still supported. Now, this release finally decommissions MinIO as a service [DEV-3702].

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.3.1 introduces the following new features and enhancements.

  • Allows annotators and reviewers to filter the view of transcriptions by author name [DEV-2669].
  • Improve project list performance by hydrating counters in a second request [DEV-2575].
  • Project duplication interface that allows users to copy projects with settings, tasks, and annotations [DEV-2702].
  • Introduce the project pinning interface that allows users to pin projects for better visibility of commonly referenced projects [DEV-2629].
  • Duplication of tasks and annotations in project duplication API [DEV-2539].
  • Navigate taxonomy with arrow keys, Up/Down to navigate, Right to open subtree, Space to select item; also important fixes for multi-lines and interactions [DEV-2424].
  • Add user notification about Storage Persistence availability [DEV-1232].
  • Implement new columns for the commentary system: comment count, unresolved comment count, comment authors, last comment date [DEV-2885].
  • Introduce size presets to zoom an image to fit within the viewport or to have it at its natural size (up to available space in viewport). With this release, you can now set the image to be positioned vertically (top, center, bottom) and horizontally (left, center, right) [DEV-2504].
  • Introduce comments system for communication between Annotators and Reviewers. Allows a Reviewer to mark comments as resolved. Comments feature also introduces new columns in the Data Manager to be able to filter tasks by comments inside [DEV-2894].
  • Add workspace grouping for Annotators, displaying the Workspaces where they are the members [DEV-1278].
  • Display drop-down with model versions for each machine learning backend [DEV-1646].
  • Change in rotate anchor that is no longer out of the Bbox and now are close to all resize anchors [DEV-2671].
  • Add Label weights settings section in Settings >> Quality [DEV-2982].
  • Add date and action filters for dashboard data [DEV-423].
  • Support PosixGroupType for LDAP [DEV-3053].
  • Add Paragraphs to substring_matching example [DEV-2362].
  • Update the invite people modal to include invite by email [DEV-3065].
  • Add Resend and Revoke invitation buttons to Organization page when a user is selected [DEV-3066].
  • Update the organization role drop-down visual to show an indicator for inactive users [DEV-3091].
  • Update welcome emails on signup verification and invites [DEV-3219].
  • Add the ability to sustain the collapse state of the label across tasks and maintain consistency in the order of the label groups [DEV-2755].
  • Cleanup lambda custom-metrics if it’s not required [DEV-851].
  • Add cron jobs to verify trial expiration [DEV-3138].
  • Export command for open source using console [DEV-3145].
  • Block the entire screen by a non-closable modal window only when the trial ends [DEV-399].
  • Add option to synchronize audio with paragraphs allowing playback of chunk position [DEV-2461].
  • Support a custom column order with draggable columns [DEV-2984].
  • Support notifications links in Label Stream and Review Stream [DEV-1752].
  • Add links to annotations in notifications [DEV-2883].
  • Enable manual mode for assigning Reviewers to tasks [DEV-3078].
  • Introduce new attributes for the <Audio/> tag: defaultZoom, defaultSpeed and defaultVolume [DEV-388].
  • Add simpler hotkeys to jump between frames in the Video Segmentation scenario [DEV-3260].
  • Add video metric with intersection for interpolated frames [DEV-1842].
  • New comment behavior for Submit/Update/Skip/Accept/Reject buttons [DEV-3283].
  • Support Django GCS with signed URLs without service account token creator permission [DEV-3340].
  • Add the video type support and video preview to the Data Manager [DEV-3373].
  • Add a list of supported video formats [DEV-3371].
  • Allow negative timeseries data and additional customization options to visualization [DEV-3535].
  • Introduce new Video settings in the Labeling Interface to allow changing the hop size [DEV-1041].
  • Add Multi-page document annotations template with <Repeater> example among the template gallery [DEV-3545].
  • Inactive users now show Never in the Last Activity column of the organization table instead of the date they were invited [DEV-3177].
  • Improve revoke invite UX so it’s consistent when used from the selected user section and the revoke invite button in the dropdown in User list [DEV-3196].
  • Annotator’s Data Manager filters persist between page navigation [DEV-3572].
  • Run api/workspaces?user_email=xxx API call to return the list of workspaces [DEV-3567].
  • The region navigation now works in scrolling (list) mode [DEV-3543].

Bug fixes

Label Studio 2.3.1 includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where unfinished polygons should save as draft and remain in open state if left unclosed [DEV-2432].
  • Retained history on initial load of annotation review stream [DEV-2437].
  • Fixed workspace filter for project list API [DEV-2785].
  • Displayed source filename for tasks from storage in a separate column [DEV-2687].
  • Fixed “Tasks per page” field that should be in sync with the number of tasks displayed [DEV-2170].
  • Fixed an issue where Quick View failed to open when the user attempted to copy-paste its URL to another tab [DEV-2526].
  • Deselected image region Bbox on short click [DEV-2379].
  • Fixed the behavior of the drop-down menu that wasn’t grouping when the organization wasn’t activated [DEV-2639].
  • Added a change in rotate anchor that was no longer out of the Bbox and currently close to all resize anchors [DEV-2671].
  • Prevented users from being able to edit fields that are not meant to be editable [DEV-2365].
  • Multiple rendered labels in regions [DEV-2763].
  • Fixed an issue where the relationship delete button wasn’t working as intended [DEV-2806].
  • Ensured review_settings was included in the initial request [DEV-2575].
  • New DateTime tag for date, date time, or year that can be conditionally rendered [DEV-117].
  • Allowed annotators and reviewers to filter view of transcriptions by author name [DEV-2669].
  • Added ability to delete points with an alt click. [DEV-2431].
  • Allowed users to pin/unpin projects to more easily filter and find projects of interest. [DEV-2069]
  • Fixed PyJWT vulnerability [DEV-2793].
  • get_local_path doesn’t work for local-files in ML backends and converters [DEV-2827].
  • Hold to continuously draw image view shapes should work with DEV-1442 enabled [DEV-2655].
  • Skipped tasks are placed in the beginning of the label stream, however they should go at the end [DEV-2880]
  • Added agreement calculation for Datetime tag [DEV-2847].
  • Speed up Members page in case of big annotations [DEV-2148].
  • Resolved an error where the 3 point Bbox would remain usable after removing rectangles from the labeling configuration [DEV-2696].
  • Fixed an issue where the imported annotation was marked as read-only, but allowed users to make changes anyway [DEV-2366].
  • Fixed UX and behavior when expanding/collapsing the panels and unsnapping/snapping to the sides [DEV-2851].
  • Displayed drop-down with model versions for each machine learning backend [DEV-1682].
  • Updated Django to 3.2.14 [DEV-2936].
  • Fixed broken default page number for non-admin accounts on Projects page [DEV-2335].
  • User could not edit VideoRectangle when it was locked [DEV-2146].
  • Fixed an issue when a user can resize a panel in such a way that it obscures all the underlying content. [DEV-2926].
  • Fixed clashed text entries for multi-value TextArea [DEV-2930].
  • Fixed an issue when selection is still active after hiding an Image region [DEV-2922].
  • Fixed an issue when selection is broken after showing previously hidden selected region [DEV-2922].
  • Added columns for comment management in the Data Manager: Comment count, unresolved comment count, comment authors, and last comment date [DEV-2672].
  • Prevented polygon being duplicated when finishing drawing [DEV-2967].
  • Implemented new columns for the commentary system: comment count, unresolved comment count, comment authors, last comment date [DEV-2885].
  • Locked polygons don’t show the editable points any longer [DEV-2977].
  • Removed validation for new data fields in label config [DEV-2939].
  • Fixed the issue when grouping by empty label caused the app to crash completely [DEV-2942].
  • Fixed an issue when Audio regions were displaced due to zoom/viewport size [DEV-2934].
  • Fixed an issue when panels can fall out of the viewport if the viewport’s size changed [DEV-2943].
  • Recalculated overlap when changing overlap to 1 and changing enforce overlap [DEV-2420].
  • Fixed user’s inability to hide regions within the NER scenario [DEV-2931].
  • Added a unique constraint for workspace members [DEV-3052].
  • Fixed UX issue with an almost invisible text area in a region list when the region is selected [DEV-2927].
  • Fixed app crash with Author Filter for Paragraphs enabled [DEV-3033].
  • Fixed an issue when the text captured by a region was not displayed in the Details panel [DEV-2958].
  • Resolved an issue affecting the tooltip of the flyout menu tooltips on small screens [DEV-3049].
  • Disabled the delete button when previewing the historic item [DEV-2971].
  • Showed indeterminate loading when project duplication is in progress [DEV-2892].
  • Unfinished polygon region was not auto-completed when the user moved it [DEV-2514].
  • Annotation region locking should not persist [DEV-2949].
  • Changed environment variable for enforcing local URL check for ML backend [DEV-3058].
  • Can’t upload data without annotation history [DEV-3104]
  • Fixed an issue when the selected Annotation History item was not rendered on the canvas [DEV-2970].
  • Increased external storage sync job timeout [DEV-2298].
  • Label weight was not reset after Labels change [DEV-3090].
  • Project list had project duplicates [DEV-3126].
  • Fixed an issue where a missing empty body was generated for 204 responses [DEV-3014].
  • Broken “All Projects” pagination [DEV-3125].
  • Fixed an issue with paragraph regions that were not selectable within the new Outliner [DEV-3030].
  • Fixed configuration validation for Repeater tag [DEV-1462].
  • Implemented lazyload on image to improve loading performance [DEV-3077].
  • Improved polygon point removal during drawing: you can use usual undo hotkeys (ctrl/cmd+z) to remove the point you just set or redo it if you want (ctrl/cmd+shift+z) [DEV-2576].
  • Fixed an issue with displaying Annotation History in LSC [DEV-2964].
  • Details panel was automatically updating on lock action [DEV-2978].
  • Disabled error for label configuration validation with <!DOCTYPE> tag [DEV-3089].
  • Showed list of new users created using API correctly [DEV-3131].
  • Added the Talk to an expert modal [DEV-3129].
  • Added a minor correction to invite/revoke button text [DEV-3189].
  • Cleaned up logging, excluding potential security concerns related to sensitive data exposure [DEV-3164].
  • Resolved an issue that added an entry to the annotation history when zoom was changed [DEV-3004].
  • Project list card requests used wrong Feature Flags [DEV-3222].
  • Fixed an issue when the text captured by a region was not displayed in the Details panel [DEV-3101].
  • settings.HOSTNAME for password reset [DEV-3190].
  • Corrected an error where clearing the email field in Ask an expert modal would still allow a successful commit [DEV-3157]
  • Added validation to avoid users import local files using URL [DEV-3212]
  • Invite modal when opened from ribbon refreshed the Organization page on for submit if opened on that page [DEV-3167].
  • Fixed issue when selecting the region will cause region update and changes history to record new change. [DEV-3140].
  • Added updated_by to dashboard API [DEV-3232]
  • The Undo functionality for video labels was broken by the Show/Hide/Lock/Unlock actions [DEV-2968].
  • Improved delete tasks action speed [DEV-2296].
  • Fixed an issue when locking UI disappeared when “trial days” is negative [DEV-3275].
  • Fixed an issue when the image shrinks in certain cases [DEV-3061].
  • Logout menu displayed in smaller screens [DEV-3204].
  • Turned off lambda prefix and tags for cloud instance [DEV-2761].
  • Fixed a bug where the loader would appear when user list is empty [DEV-3290]
  • Tasks were not updated after filter field changed in DM [DEV-3233]
  • Fixed an issue when Sentry cannot properly capture Frontend exceptions [DEV-3251].
  • Excluded Deactivated/Not Activated users from project dashboards and member assignments lists [DEV-3134].
  • Checked user limit for invites [DEV-3194].
  • Deleted tasks were not working with some ordering (e.g. by annotators) [DEV-3313].
  • Prevented the annotating collapsed phrases in paragraphs [DEV-2918].
  • Fixed tabs being randomly mixed after label stream [DEV-1947].
  • helm: Fixed support for Google project ids with only digits in name [DEV-3332].
  • Detached menu style update [DEV-3207].
  • Copy to clipboard icon was replaced with Copied to clipboard icon (green check-mark in circle) when an user clicked on it [DEV-3255].
  • Cannot change the user role for a user that had their invitation revoked [DEV-3333].
  • Sort order of regions grouped by labels was now based on label order + collapsed state persists through page load [DEV-3055].
  • Fixed tag template [DEV-3160].
  • Exact matching for attached tags (choices, numbers) ignored the labels spans [DEV-3151].
  • Fixed region grouping in Outliner [DEV-3056].
  • Fixed gaps on image borders on different screen sizes which may lead to slight region subpixel shifts [DEV-3322].
  • Show region index in Outliner to distinguish regions [DEV-3389].
  • Temporarily disabled the full-screen mode for video [DEV-3402].
  • Fixed Completed field in case maximum annotations change after overlap change [DEV-3387].
  • Created the possibility to enable pagination in the repeater for performance improvement [DEV-3298].
  • Added more error information when ML backend validation has failed [DEV-3351].
  • Allowed frames scrubbing on the timeline [DEV-3404].
  • Moved the video zoom button from the top to the controls section [DEV-3405].
  • Allowed video playhead/seeker scrubbing [DEV-3403].
  • Fixed an issue when TextArea placement in the config prevents video annotation [DEV-3429].
  • When a page was selected from a region, the item per page was changed to 1 and the selected item was displayed [DEV-3428].
  • labels to textarea result was not added[DEV-2208].
  • Fixed syncing data with invalid annotations or predictions [DEV-3342].
  • Fixed an issue when the user was unable to pan an image that was smaller than a viewport [DEV-3356].
  • Resolved an issue affecting filters [DEV-3494].
  • Switching to drawing tools during the process of drawing a new region was not supported [DEV-1943].
  • Fixed initial audio region history state [DEV-2211].
  • Fixed an error caused by expecting a field that doesn’t always exist [DEV-3502]
  • Fixed video regions w/o label [DEV-3510]
  • Showed unsupported video format error message if not supported [DEV-3284].
  • Data manager broke when the annotator was deactivated [DEV-3520],[DEV-3465].
  • Resolved an obscure issue that can occur when changing defaultZoom, defaultVolume or defaultSpeed in Audio tag while working with Video Timeline Segmentation [DEV-3304].
  • Fixed video configuration validation [DEV-1990].
  • Resolved a pagination error on Data Manager [DEV-3508].
  • Fixed an issue with shifting image regions at different window sizes. [DEV-3377].
  • Fixed annotator’s data manager filters to persist through page reload [DEV-3492].
  • Added CreateOnlyFieldsMixin to BaseUserSerializer for emails to be write-able on creation [DEV-3430].
  • Fixed selected attribute in view configuration for Taxonomy [DEV-3341].
  • Fixed an issue affecting per region taxonomies where value would save on submit/update but wouldn’t persist visually [DEV-3566].
  • Fixed an issue when high resolution videos produced bounding boxes with corrupted coordinates due to the zoom lag [DEV-3551].
  • Fixed selecting regions in outline and text when browsing history [DEV-3485].
  • Export failed with review counters in filters [DEV-3586].
  • Fixed an issue when the meta is not saved to the region [DEV-3565].
  • Removed interpolation from the currently selected frame hides the label and the selection box [DEV-2049].
  • Fixed the issue when the meta is not saved to the region [DEV-3590].
  • Enabled alias for taxonomy choice [DEV-3469].
  • Fixed URL serialization of numeric virtual tab filters. [DEV-3557].
  • Fixed loading indicator resolving too early and showing no more annotations in label stream [DEV-3560].
  • Reverted current isReady fix [DEV-3550].
  • Denied removing users by API [DEV-3598].
  • Added simple equality metric for video [DEV-2776].
  • Fixed issue with <Repeater> scrolling and Taxonomy annotations display [DEV-3559].
  • Prevented the tabs from being removed and clearing out the related popup [DEV-3329].
  • Fixed CONLL export tokenization issue with splitting into individual tokens [DEV-1923].
  • Implemented Proxy storage links through nginx for auth check [DEV-2915].
  • Fixed review stats recalculation after metric change [DEV-3529].
  • The Bbox coordinates were preserved for both ‘Object detection’ template and ‘Repeater on images with taxonomy [DEV-3607].
  • Fixed project card to show correct counter for finished tasks [DEV-2455].
  • Removed the blocking modal when the server was unresponsive [DEV-2534].
  • Added per annotation choice distribution calculation [DEV-3303].
  • Fixed for projects, displayed on user’s Organization page, include other organizations [DEV-3465].
  • Annotated audio regions spanned all channels [DEV-3564].
  • Previously created user through common signup failed with the SAML SSO login process [DEV-1174].
  • Fixed an issue with filtering over choices [DEV-3536].
  • Added agreement calculation for OCR template with Brushlabels, RectangleLabels and Polygonlabels [DEV-2239].
  • Fixed an agreement calculation for OCR with empty text values [DEV-2202].
  • Added images for empty annotations in export files for You only look once (YOLO) and Visual Object Classes (VOC) [DEV-2792].
  • SAML workspaces were reset on user login when MANUAL_WORKSPACE_MANAGEMENT was set to false [DEV-3328].
  • Cancelled skipped annotation retained previous history [DEV-2506].
  • Fixed review stream for assigned tasks [DEV-3374].
  • Fixed large timeseries datasets displayed incorrect y values [DEV-3645].
  • Fixed duplicating process to copy Google source/target storage [DEV-2988].
  • Fixed source storage duplicating tasks when clicking the Sync button multiple times [DEV-1904].
  • Vertical scrolling in Review Stream worked the same as in Quick View and Label Stream [DEV-3353].
  • Unfinished polygons were saved automatically and the history undo/redo hotkeys worked correctly [DEV-3612].
  • Stacktrace was no longer visible in the server error API responses [DEV-3473].
  • Resolved an issue affecting canceled skips for annotations where an incorrect button will display after [DEV-2505].
  • Fixed naive metric for the regions without labels and compound configs (like <Rectangle> + <Labels>)[DEV-3201].
  • Fixed OCR template agreement calculation for missing labels [DEV-3652].
  • Removed project number from file_name of image in COCO Export [DEV-3669].
  • Fixed the issue when switching between history items doesn’t display selected choices/taxonomy. [DEV-2301]
  • Copied all project settings from template to new project [DEV-3596].
  • Fixed an issue with broken <Repeater> pagination mode when “Select regions after creating” was opted[DEV-3651].
  • Logins expired after 15 minutes of inactivity or 8 days after login, based on first come first served occurrence [DEV-3397],[DEV-3397].
  • Fixed validation error for history [DEV-3200].
  • Resolved an issue affecting the Eraser tool which made it unusable since it cleared selected regions on tool selection [DEV-3647].
  • Manual updates to region coordinates in the region editor were applied correctly and did not block moving the region [DEV-3636].
  • Fixed the empty toName in Control tag [DEV-1598].
  • Fixed an issue with history steps in the scenario of auto-detection [DEV-1284].
  • Navigation using task links was broken [DEV-3673].
  • Fixed an issue with high memory consumption, memory leakage, and increased loading times [DEV-3617].
  • Added edit/delete comment functionality [DEV-2993].
  • Addressed the issue when the dynamic Choices was saved with the incorrect/empty value [DEV-3701].
  • Updated swagger docs for AllStorage APIs [DEV-2914].
  • Added example output for HyperTextLabels in the Label Studio documentation suite [DEV-3632].

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2 Final

This section highlights the new features and enhancements in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2 introduces the following new features and enhancements.

  • Label Studio Enterprise 2.2 introduces the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) version 2.0 standard. System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is a popular protocol to manage access for services and applications across an organization. Use the SCIM guide to set up SCIM integration to manage access to Label Studio Enterprise in your organization.

Check the following video tutorial about SCIM and Okta setup.

  • Starting with this release, as an annotator you can create a rotated bounding box with the “three point click” or “two point click” feature to annotate images.

    • First point click - Starting point of the location to draw the bounding box.
    • Second point click - Define the rotation and width of the bounding box.
    • Third point click - Draw the height of the bounding box.

    Figure 1: Two point click rectangle.
    Figure 2: Three point click rectangle.

    After you create the bounding box, you can do the following:

    • Adjust it by moving the anchors or edges to the desired location on the canvas.
    • Determine that the orientation of the bounding box is effected.
    • See the orientation of the bounding box and determine the direction during the creation process.
  • This release includes the Last updated by column in Data Manager with information of updated_at - updated_by, annotator/reviewer (the person who made the last modifications for any of the annotations in this task) at updated_at time.

    Figure 3: "Last updated by" column in Data Manager.
  • This release introduces the go-back functionality (< icon) that allows you to navigate back to the previous task through the review stream.

    Figure 4: Go back to the previous task.
  • Starting with this release, you can create a Lead Time column in Data Manager with averaged lead time per task.

    Figure 5: Lead Time column in Data Manager.

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.10

This section highlights the bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.10.

Bug fixes

Label Studio 2.2.10 includes the following bug fixes:


  • Per label score for Choices was calculated when no Choice was selected [DEV-2688].
  • Fixed an error for actions with ordering by joined field [DEV-2658].
  • Fixed auto-generated docs for api/tasks [DEV-2737].


  • Fixed an issue when the Safari browser stopped working [DEV-2777].
  • Fixed scrollable area in Review mode [DEV-2348].

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9

This section highlights the breaking changes, new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9.

Breaking changes

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9 includes the following breaking change:

  • This release decommissions MinIO as a service [DEV-2600].

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9 introduces the following new features and enhancements.


  • This release provides proxy support for content-range HTTP responses [DEV-2496].
  • Add API for project duplication [DEV-2538].


  • This release introduces the ability to select model version on model cards from the machine learning page >> Settings [DEV-1868].
  • Now, you can show the comments column in the Data Manager to reviewers [DEV-2598].


  • This release introduces Dynamic Labels templates. You can now show labels dynamically as a task input, either as a prediction from the model or from a database lookup. With a broader set of options, dynamic labeling saves time and increases the consistency of labeling the objects [DEV-2636].

Bug fixes

Label Studio 2.2.9 includes the following bug fixes:


  • Optimized dashboard-members API performance for reviews [DEV-1669].
  • Enabled Query optimization for Uniform Sampling in the Labeling Stream [DEV-2184].
  • Fixed runtime error when duration was not extracted on ASR_MANIFEST export [DEV-2095].
  • Fixed permissions for a manager role [DEV-2650].
  • Fixed annotation_id was provided as float value in CSV export [DEV-2139].
  • Replaced inner_id index with multicolumn [DEV-2667].
  • Recalculate stats when control weights were updated [DEV-2083].
  • Fixed empty agreement for taxonomy with extra labels [DEV-2440].
  • Fixed is_labeled calculation after task import [DEV-2389].


  • Fixed the regions that disappeared from UI in Annotation History [DEV-2408].
  • Improved the Annotation History name/timestamp spacing [DEV-23640].
  • Fixed audio crashes in View All mode [DEV-2199].
  • Pan does not finish the polygon [DEV-2068].
  • Fixed nested choices for the indeterminate state [DEV-2244].
  • Fixed an issue to get text after granularity was applied in Annotation Result [DEV-1592].
  • Zoomed image region out of bounds [DEV-2394].
  • Viewed all audio responsive [DEV-2203].
  • Fixed an issue where all parts of audio in the View All mode were equally responsive to browser size changes [DEV-2577].
  • Resynchronized annotations that failed to synchronize in Target Storage [DEV-1781].
  • Supported lengthy unbroken taxonomy line breaks [DEV-1975] and [DEV-1843].
  • Retained the size for key points [DEV-2577].
  • Display the correct number of member icons on project cards [DEV-2334].
  • Fixed rendering issue on video regions [DEV-2494].
  • Fixed the loading issue for Paragraph data on QuickView [DEV-2465].
  • Allowed edit action on Time Series results imported as read-only [DEV-2367].
  • Fixed Annotation History when exiting View All [DEV-2302].
  • Added X-axis zoom threshold [DEV-1714].
  • Added guard with an error message for non-incremental, non-sequential datasets in Time Series [DEV-2510].
  • Disabled the delete all region button when an annotation is read-only [DEV-2309].
  • Fixed blind Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) on add model and import [DEV-2235].
  • Deselected the ImageView bounding box before creating another [DEV-1422].
  • Fixed data in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking in-app template [DEV-2604].
  • Unfinished polygon zoom fix [DEV-2313].
  • Fixed flickering issue when regions were created with the Bounding box [DEV-2592].
  • Video regions were edited when Annotation History was selected [DEV-2303].
  • Added background as a new parameter to text shortcuts [DEV-2423].
  • Fixed the form layout and allowed the model version selector when the ML backend was edited [DEV-1682].
  • Text and Header tags work with integers now [DEV-2459].
  • Fixed synchronization speed between video and audio [DEV-2207].
  • Fixed an issue with prop whenChoiceValue [DEV-1833].

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.8

This section highlights the breaking changes, new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.8.

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.8 introduces the following new features and enhancements.

  • This release displays comments in DM to reviewers [DEV-2598].
  • Support for Redis Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) [DEV-1768].
  • Add tags and prefixes to AWS metric parameters [DEV-1917].
  • Change review API to take into account feedback loop [DEV-2198].
  • Notification Center [DEV-1658]
  • Add drafts in Annotation History [DEV-2290].
  • Introduce new history types [DEV-2387].
  • Support for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM 2.0) user and group provisioning [DEV-1823].
  • Add the ability to pass a comment to APIs on skip [DEV-2458].


Label Studio 2.2.8 includes the following bug fixes:

  • Per label score for Choices was calculated when no Choice was selected (hotfix-7) [DEV-2688].
  • Fixed Rotating bounding box bugs (hotfix-4) [DEV-2647]
  • Fixed permissions for manager role (hotfix-3) [DEV-2650]
  • Fixed export to file using SerializableGenerator [DEV-2248].
  • Fixed accepted state in review. [DEV-2256]
  • Made Annotation History with linear Reject (Reject = Update + Reject) [DEV-2263].
  • Fixed Annotation History icons [DEV-2264].
  • Annotation history fixes [DEV-2265], [DEV-2268], [DEV-2271].
  • Fixed an issue where the Annotation History was not loading because of string ID [DEV-2278].
  • Fixed validation in Labeling Interface preview with Dynamic Labels [DEV-2249].
  • Fixed history 404 on unskip in label stream [DEV-2262].
  • Fixed Annotation History reset for predictions [DEV-2271].
  • Fixed job cancellation for _update_tasks_states [DEV-2294].
  • Fixed an issue to return 404 for api/project/id/tasks when the page was out of scope [DEV-2336]
  • Interactive preannotations for Paragraphs [DEV-2253].
  • Improved the speed to 180 secs for assigned tasks [DEV-2060].
  • Disabled Poly and Keypoints for Annotation History [DEV-2283].
  • Fixed tools multiplication issue [DEV-1690].
  • Prevented the scroll-out TopBar option [DEV-2348].
  • Fixed skip queue [DEV-2354].
  • Allowed Canvas to fill all the space [DEV-930].
  • Truncated long words in comments [DEV-2267].
  • Added scroll to view when focus changes to stickyList in table component [DEV-1703].
  • Used contain instead of icontain for Annotation Result field in the Data manager filters [DEV-2214].
  • Fixed is_labeled for tasks with no assignments [DEV-1872].
  • Added default settings [DEV-1577].
  • Implemented Go back to previously reviewed task functionality for reviewing stream [DEV-1676].
  • Refactored and optimized Redis Queues [DEV-2213].
  • Fixed runtime error during import with no total_annotations and other [DEV-2374].
  • Reviewed Next Task API performance optimizations [DEV-2350].
  • Fixed the reset rejected status after the annotation update. [DEV-2216], [DEV-2321].
  • Fixed skip Annotation History for the previous task in label stream [DEV-2407].
  • Fixed Reviewed filter [DEV-1948].
  • Fixed counters for skipped annotations [DEV-2406].
  • Fixed an issue where tasks were flagged as REVIEWED by default [DEV-2438].
  • Fixed an issue for skipped tasks to get the Completed status [DEV-2413].
  • Fixed error when a user tried to delete all tasks [DEV-2456].
  • Fixed filter by empty reviewers [DEV-2390].
  • Fixed incorrect review card counters in the feedback loop for skipped annotations [DEV-2433].
  • Moved from signal to model delete method [DEV-2410].
  • Added new skip behavior for annotations that are requeued back to annotator [DEV-2617].
  • Fixed Annotation History drafts [DEV-2290].
  • Fixed regions for text span when it was out of bounding in the regions list and created horizontal scroll [DEV-2473].
  • Fixed in Manage Members modal (on project Members tab, on workspace members, on Members settings) header with search overlaps by the main list [DEV-2473].
  • Fixed Textarea for Custom Function on the Quality settings page [DEV-2473].
  • Fixed startOffset for empty nodes [DEV-2480].
  • Fixed the runtime error for users who deleted an annotation from Quick View, switched to another task, and returned back to the same task [DEV-2306].
  • Added command for all orgs and optimize update_tasks_counters [DEV-2492].
  • After annotations from predictions is_labeled should be recalculated [DEV-2490].
  • Fixed 404 on skip [DEV-2416].