Install Label Studio Enterprise

Install Label Studio Enterprise on-premises if you need to meet strong privacy regulations, legal requirements, or want to manage a custom installation on your own infrastructure. You can run Label Studio Enterprise in an airgapped environment, and no data leaves your infrastructure.

This high-level architecture diagram that outlines the main components of a Label Studio Enterprise deployment.


Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9 decommissioned MinIO as a service.

Label Studio runs on Python and uses rqworkers to perform additional tasks. Metadata and annotations are stored in a bundled version of PostgreSQL that functions as persistent storage. If you host Label Studio in the cloud, use persistent storage in the cloud instead of MinIO.

Before you install

Before you deploy Label Studio Enterprise, prepare your environment.

  1. Set up persistent storage.
  2. For Kubernetes deployments, configure ingress.

Select the deployment scenario that best fits your labeling use case.

How Who
Install using Docker Compose small-scale production data labeling activities with dozens or hundreds of annotators
Install using Kubernetes and Helm charts large-scale production-grade data labeling activities with thousands of annotators
Install Label Studio Enterprise without public internet access if you use a proxy to access the internet from your Kubernetes cluster, or it is airgapped from the internet

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